An analysis of the feedback on the initiatives launched by the Office of the Vice President

The Office of the Vice President (OVP) has been exerting utmost efforts on alleviating the effects of pandemic to the Filipino families. On the last days of March, Vice President Leni’s office, together with the Malabon City government, UBE Express and Kaya Natin Movement, has launched the Mobile Swab Cab, which provided free antigen testing to various communities. On its first day, this initiative only tested around 500 residents and failed to attain its target to test 1,500 individuals. Residents of five high-risk communities in Malabon refused to be tested due to the fear of being isolated, which consequently means…

LCK has been one of the best regions in the recent years. After all, it is the home of the Unkillable Demon King, who holds three Worlds titles to his name. But with T1 exiting the summer playoffs too soon, everyone is looking at the two summer finalists DAMWON Gaming and DRX. Examining the performances of LCK teams in the Summer Split, the three aforementioned teams are easily the top three.

The plot below illustrates the performances of LCK teams in the early game using EGR, and in the mid-late game using MLR. Higher EGR and MLR means better performance.

More information about these two statistics can be found at the Oracle’s Elixir website.

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In my previous article, I examined the association of counterpick to early gold advantage; specifically, which players are able to capitalize on the opportunities to counterpick. Although counterpick is a huge factor in laning phase and can lead to early individual advantages, it certainly does not determine which team has the better draft. Furthermore, early individual gold leads do not indicate which team is in the lead at the first 10 minutes of the game — more importantly, the gold advantages must be allocated to the right players and champions.

Numerically, drafts can be difficult to evaluate. They are often…

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The League of Legends European Championship (LEC) has become more competitive during the Summer Split. Teams such as Rogue and Mad Lions had proven themselves to be strong contenders to be Europe’s seeds for Worlds 2020, while Schalke 04 successfully completed their #S04MiracleRun to qualify for Summer Playoffs. In comparison to last year, the current meta allows less flex picks and focuses more on teamfight-oriented drafts. Now that the regular split has ended, I decided to look into the statistics and try to understand how various factors relate to each other.

Matches always start with drafting, and it is definitely…

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