Performances of Teams, Players, and Champions in LCK Summer 2020

LCK has been one of the best regions in the recent years. After all, it is the home of the Unkillable Demon King, who holds three Worlds titles to his name. But with T1 exiting the summer playoffs too soon, everyone is looking at the two summer finalists DAMWON Gaming and DRX. Examining the performances of LCK teams in the Summer Split, the three aforementioned teams are easily the top three.

The plot below illustrates the performances of LCK teams in the early game using EGR, and in the mid-late game using MLR. Higher EGR and MLR means better performance.

More information about these two statistics can be found at the Oracle’s Elixir website.

The green shaded region is the most desirable location in the plot because of the high MLR, and the triangles represent the performances in the second half of the split. DWG had the best mid-late game performance, and also improved from the first half while maintaining an impressive early game performance. Although DRX and T1 had close MLRs, T1 had the better early game performance. AF had better early game in the second half, but much worse mid-late game performance. Lastly, GEN was consistent in their performance throughout the split.

The Summer Playoffs

Certainly, the AF win against T1 in the first round of playoffs was an upset, whereas GEN was expected to win against AF in the second round. In games 1 and 2, GEN had considerable gold leads at 15 minutes. GEN was leading the series by the end of game 3, and DRX forced game 5 by winning the fourth one. In game 4, DRX was leading in gold and dragon kills. However, in game 5, GEN was able to generate early leads through champion and dragon kills. While GEN secured the ocean soul and baron buff for the last teamfight, DRX won the game through superior teamfighting, supported by their high MLR. In the last teamfight, the sustain of DRX through Deft and Chovy proved to be too difficult to overcome.

Playoffs Finals: Player Performances of DWG and DRX

The graphic below shows the performances of the carries in different patches. While DWG ShowMaker’s damage per minute (DPM) dropped throughout the split, enemies still need to watch out because of his KDAs. Also, DWG Nuguri generated significant gold leads at 10 minutes, especially in patches 10.15–10.16. From the other finalist, DRX Deft is consistently better than DWG Ghost through all patches, while DRX Chovy had a close performance compared to DWG Showmaker — but the latter is still favored due to his higher KDAs.

Shaded region implies significant gold leads.

For the Jungle and Support, DWG Canyon generated higher and significant gold leads at 10 minutes, which is very important for the Jungle role as they can be the most influential players in the early game. Also, compared to DRX Pyosik, DWG Canyon also had higher KDAs. DWG BeryL’s performance from 10.13–10.14 to 10.15–10.16 worsened in terms of kill participation (KP), while the opposing support DRX Keria was consitently better in KP throughout the split.

Shaded region implies significant gold leads.

To sum up, the key players for DWG are Showmaker, Nuguri, and Canyon. They mostly contribute DWG’s dominant early game performance. Also, the trio occupies the top half of the map, which implies that early plays on the top side are beneficial for DWG. For DRX, Chovy, Deft, and Keria are the key players to win the series. On contrary to DWG, DRX should play through its bottom side and generate early leads for Deft and Keria with the help of Chovy and Pyosik.

Dominant Champions in the Summer Split

Win rates of the top 10 most played champions for every patch.

The graphic above provides the win rates of the top 10 most played champions for every patch. (Note that this is not the top 10 highest win rates.) In patch 10.15, top and jungle champions Renekton, Jayce, Nidalee, and Volibear were the most influential champions with win rates 80%, 55%, 69%, and 58%, respectively. Ezreal had the highest win rate among ADCs at 73%, while Bard was the only support included in the top 10 most played champions with a 62% win rate. Moving on to 10.16, Ezreal dropped to 9th place, with Caitlyn, Senna, and Ashe dominating the top 5 highest win rates among the most played champions. This implies that pro players have adjusted to the new ADCs, and can now exploit their strengths against Ezreal. Engage supports Nautilus and Leona rose in popularity because the popular ADCs either have long range (Senna, Caitlyn) or some kind of peel for themselves (Senna, Ashe). In an ideal setup in this meta, none of the enemy champions can reach and kill ADCs, especially that only Evelynn is the viable assassin right now. That being said, although Evelynn is not in the list of most played champions, teams should still watch out for this jungle pick. AP junglers such as Evelynn, Karthus, and Lillia are slowly rising in popularity again, and can be very strong in the correct team compositions. Evelynn can assassinate the backline ADCs, Karthus can ult from afar, while Lillia can provide a good setup with her ult.

Due to this bot lane, dragon buffs, front to back teamfight dominated meta, DRX is in a good spot to beat DWG. But DWG can also snowball games by securing Rift Herald, destroying the first turret, and obtaining significant gold leads at 15 minutes. Will DWG be able to generate leads through plays in the top lane, or will DRX dominate with their bot lane duo? Summer Finals DWG vs DRX is scheduled tomorrow, at 16:00 GMT+8. Prediction: DWG WIN, 3–2.

Data used for the infographics were taken from Oracle’s Elixir. Huge thanks to Tim for providing them.

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